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Perfect for power bloggers and rich media websites that demand flawless user experience

Starting From
$10 per month
  • CPU 1 vCore E3-1231 v3
  • 1 GB Memory
  • Storage 100 GB HDD RAID1
  • Unlimited Bandwidth



Perfect for eCommerce websites that demand reliability, accessibility, security and affordability

Starting From
$20 per month
  • CPU 2 vCore E3-1231 v3
  • 4 GB Memory
  • Storage 200 GB HDD RAID1
  • Unlimited Bandwidth



Perfect for corporate websites and resellers whether they need to add virtual machines

Starting From
$45 per month
  • CPU 4 vCore E3-1231 v3
  • 8 GB Memory
  • Storage 500 GB HDD RAID1
  • Unlimited Bandwidth


Cloud Hosting Services

Get Acceza’s cost-effective and secure cloud hosting solution to give your website and applications seamless move across the cloud with no interruption. Cloud web hosting is a cluster of servers combined together for providing a larger pool of resources, and virtually partitioned into small private servers. The beauty of our cloud server hosting lies in its auto-scalable and unlimited resources. If one server fails, other servers are ready to pick up the load.

OpenStack Cloud

OpenStack is a set of software tools which began in 2010 as a joint project of Rackspace Hosting and NASA to let users deploy virtual machines and other instances to control and execute different tasks for building and managing cloud computing in a remote environment. Acceza cloud service provider combines virtualization technologies of its existing legacy data center with the OpenStack to boost up the new applications and to manage a multi-hypervisor cloud such as KVM, Xen, ESXi, and Hyper-V; so that Acceza can prove itself the best cloud hosting by giving you all the power to deploy, design, operate, and optimize your cloud easily and efficiently with the enhanced security, control, and performance of a robust dedicated environment.

No Moving Parts

Acceza uses Solid State Storage (SSD) for its cloud service that maps to a dedicated physical server. Therefore, no parts moving, and touching the parts is not possible like you can do with the traditional hosting and data center services. You are the exclusive owner to configure a server to your exact specifications, and in addition, you are able to combine both virtual and bare-metal infrastructure together depending on the approach of your various workloads. Moreover, by installing your own virtualization software you can create your own virtual private cloud environment, and you can pack your workloads into that environment in a more cost-efficient way compared to the general-purpose public clouds.

Consistent Performance

Acceza’s cloud server hosting can be the perfect fit when performance is your main concern. Our clouds usually provide better performance because you have direct and unrestricted access to the native platform with no hypervisor or virtualization tax. The commodity processors of the most public clouds use hyper-threading technology where one core can execute two individual applications simultaneously; but these threads in our virtual clouds appear as two virtual CPUs where one physical core is equivalent to two vCPUs. Acceza’s cloud web hosting is a single-tenant approach which means you have no competitor for the same resources, and the overall speed, performance, and responsiveness of your application will run much better, faster, and smoother.

Bare-Metal Performance

Acceza’s openstack cloud hosting typically offers not only the less expensive approach to I/O data transfer, but it can also deliver performance advantages that is ideal for the instances to perform short term data-intensive functions with no latency or overhead delays of virtualization platform such as media encoding, big data applications etc. Our cloud hosting services offer both bare-metal and virtual approaches that leave you with the choice to customize the hardware for the needs of your unique workloads and thus, provide you much greater flexibility in your deployment while enabling you to take the benefits of bare-metal servers.

Online in Minutes

Acceza Technology offers cheap cloud hosting among all the cloud service providers, and all of its cloud web hosting plans are activated through automation process. After signing up and completion of the bill payment, your cloud account will be activated immediately without any delay, and your cloud account details along with the login credentials will be delivered to your email as well. Your signing up and billing procedures will take your time, but our cloud server will take no time to be ready for you; because our powerful high-end latest hardware is already set up and waiting at your service.

Integrated Administration

With our integrated administration functionality, use the same API and control panel interfaces for bare-metal serves and virtual cloud servers both to attain highly reliable and predictable application performance. The hardware including any additional storage is fully dedicated, and the cloud instances can be controlled through a web-based portal or API to provide access to highly performed dedicated server on demand. Even using the API, you can write software of your own especially for the new features that are not available yet in the cloud control panel to perform some specific functions that could not be performed in another way.

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