Fully Managed VPS Hosting Service

All Virtual Private Servers include


An affordable plan if you are getting started with a small business or project

Normally $25.00
$12.50* 1st month

Discount up to 50% !

  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 2 GB Dedicated Ram
  • 50 GB HDD RAID1
  • Unlimited Bandwidth



Middle level plan if you want to do business online without breaking the bank

Normally $50.00
$25.00* 1st month

Discount up to 50% !

  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 4 GB Dedicated Ram
  • 100 GB HDD RAID1
  • Unlimited Bandwidth



High level plan with great flexibility and value ideal for your growing business

Normally $70.98
$35.00* 1st month

Discount up to 50% !

  • 3 CPU Cores
  • 6 GB Dedicated Ram
  • 150 GB HDD RAID1
  • Unlimited Bandwidth



Best VPS package for businesswith ultimate power and superior performance

Normally $90.00
$45.00* 1st month

Discount up to 50% !

  • 4 CPU Cores
  • 8 GB Dedicated Ram
  • 200 GB HDD RAID1
  • Unlimited Bandwidth


Best VPS Server Hosting by Acceza

Looking for the best VPS hosting service provider to host all of your sites in one VPS? Acceza’s cheap VPS server hosting provides fully-managed, powerful, and flexible VPS built on the latest cutting-edge technology to let you customize and scale up your server as your needs grow. Our VPSs use large cloud clusters to ensure fast and reliable Linux VPS hosting with limitless bandwidth, advanced firewall, remote server control, and comprehensive server support.


Full-Featured VPS Hosting

Acceza Technology, the cheap VPS hosting provider, offers well-managed VPS hosting with almost all the features usually reserved for a dedicated server at a more reasonable price. Some standard features are:

  • Linux VPS hosting with full root access available in both 32-bit and 64-bit version
  • Unique and Dedicated IP, VPS reboot freedom through remote connection
  • Administrative access to add or modify own scripts.
  • Ability to customize services: databases, webmail, domains.

Optimal VPS Web Hosting Location

We offer best VPS web hosting services all over the world. You may order us for Canada VPS, UK VPS, and USA VPS to bringyour websites closer to your visitors for faster loading. We alsooffer offshore VPS service. We understand you would like to see cheap VPS server to be located at a secured world class data center for optimum performance. Considering the optimal physical location for your data center to bring your VPS host server closer to your visitors is a profitable motive in your business strategy if you plan to improve your visitors’ experiences as well as to increase your website’s search engine ranking.

Easy Upgrade/Downgrade Hosting

If you ever feel the necessity to upgrade or downgrade your VPS web hosting plan according to your resource, disk space and bandwidth requirements; feel free to open a ticket mentioning your preferred plan to our support desk through our client portal page. When your ticket is reviewed by one of our support team members, you will be asked to pay the additional bill if you want an upgrade to your current plan. Once you clear the payment, a simple reboot of your cPanel VPS server hosting will upgrade your VPS to your desired one. And if you want to downgrade, you must be ensured you will have enough free space not to lose data after lowering your VPS hosting plan.

Extreme Performance of VPS Hosting

Combined control of powerful and reliable , super fast SSD storage with latest high-performed branded hardware, lightning-fast network technology, unmatched server uptime, and high flexibility together top ranked Acceza Technology as one of the best VPS hosting service providers in the world. Our next generation KVM technology provides every user an open choice of operating systems, richer configurability, high-pitched performance, solider isolation, and reliable security guarantees. Our unique and cheap Linux VPS hosting service enables the best aspects and integrate them with many advantages of cloud computing.

Get Additional IP Address

Although your server will be assigned with a unique dedicated IP address upon purchasing our dedicated VPS hosting, we also provide additional IPv4 addresses at a cost of $2 each as more as you want to purchase. To order additional IP address, you have to submit a ticket to our sales department through our client portal page. After reviewing ticket, your account will be charged for the cost and an invoice will be issued. When you are done with payment, you will be delivered additional IP address. Then you must configure your VPS to recognize and use the new IP address. You can order IP addressof any county you wish.

Trusted Network Uptime

To ensure 100% network uptime, Acceza Technology utilizes highly reliable self-healing infrastructure with 10 Gbps network connectivity to improve cloud application performance. If a physical hardware device in our server ever fails, our automatic fail-over protection system will transparently migrate your VPS to another hardware device for certain redundant network. The equipment of network infrastructure maintains multiple independent power feeds, on site generators, instant battery backup. Our network infrastructure is distributed in multiple data centers to assure the redundancy, and our trusted partners empowered us to act quickly when typical network updates are required.

Pricing table new

Each type of hosting service we provide is further optimized with unique performance tweaks!

Package Features
Disk Space 50 GB HDD RAID1 100 GB HDD RAID1 150 GB HDD RAID1 200 GB HDD RAID1
CPU 2 CPU Cores 2 CPU Cores 3 CPU Cores 4 CPU Cores
RAM 2 GB Dedicated Ram 4 GB Dedicated Ram 6 GB Dedicated Ram 8 GB Dedicated Ram
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Uptime 99.90% 99.90% 99.90% 99.90%
Backup Storage 50 GB 100 GB 150 GB 200 GB
Dedicated IP(s) 1 1 1 2
Access Level Root Root Root Root
Customize Your Configuration
Streaming Audio/Video
Money Back Guarantee 15 days 15 days 15 days 15 days
No Contract
Operating System
Windows Server 2008 R2 32 Bit
Windows Server 2008 R2 64 Bit
Windows Server 2012 R2 32 Bit
Windows Server 2012 R2 64 Bit
CentOS 5 LAMP 64bit
CentOS 6 LAMP 64 Bit
CentOS 7 LAMP 64 Bit
Debian 6 LAMP 64 Bit
Fedora 17 LAMP 64 Bit
Ubuntu 12.04 LAMP 64 Bit
Extra RAM
Extra Disk Space
Extra Dedicated IP Extra Per IP's $5.00 USD Extra Per IP's $5.00 USD Extra Per IP's $5.00 USD Extra Per IP's $5.00 USD
Support Features
24/7 Live Support
24/7 Online Support
Quick Setup
Priority Support

Guaranteed Hosting Resources

Acceza Technology’s VPS cloud hosting provides guaranteed allotment of powerful and reliable system resources that only you have access to. Our Linux VPS hosting ensures much better disk inbound and outbound performance through Solid State Drives (SSD) storage and blazing fast 10 Gbps Storage Area Network (SAN) compared to a normal VPS on a traditional Hard Disk Drive (HDD) storage. Any resources you pay for are guaranteed always to be available because our hardware and resources never be oversold and you can buy VPS from Acceza. It is virtually a dedicated server without the complication of physical hardware.

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