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What is Fast VPN Proxy Service?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network that can use the internet to provide safe and secure connections between one or more devices for data exchange. Acceza built its own fastest SSL VPN service that provides you not only private and secure internet connection against eavesdropping, but also helps you liberate yourself from geographic restraints and firewalls. No matter if you are trying to access a blocked website from work or school, or if you are traveling and looking to surf the web through a Canadian VPN IP address, Acceza VPN’s secure VPN tunnel service is here to help.

Strongest Encryption & Tunneling

We understand the importance for you to be anonymous and secure over the internet. Acceza VPN uses only the best encryption techniques such as AES-256 and AES-128 to encrypt and decrypt all your incoming and outgoing internet traffic before it is transmitted over the internet. This guarantees that no one can interfere with your outgoing and incoming internet traffic, because it would take for the world's fastest supercomputer more than thousand years to crack this level of encryption. Acceza VPN also creates a virtual encrypted tunnel to transmit your datasafely and securely.

Blazing Speed & Performance

What good is a VPN that slows down your web surfing? You don’t have to sacrifice speed for security, because we have invested heavily in our VPN servers and architecture that offer the highest level of speed and world-class security. Acceza VPN provides the super-fast VPN service with low ping, so you can forget about buffering and long loading time. No matter if you are in USA, Europe, Asia or Oceania, and whatever you do online, our network engineers build and constantly manage our own global VPN network to provide the ultrafast VPN speeds across the globe.

No Traffic Limits & Restrictions

Unlike other VPN providers, we never limit your speed. Connect to any Acceza VPN server anytime with no restrictions or download caps. No matter if you want to download a torrent, watch a movie, or run any traffic intensive apps, buy VPN proxy service provided by Acceza VPN and enjoy unrestricted speed with unlimited traffic, because we do not limit the speed whether you use 1GB or 100GB of traffic in a day. Also enjoy unlimited switch between server locations without any additional charge. We have more than 2,000 IP addresses for more than 100 servers in our server clusters.

Secure DNS, No Logging

Secure DNS is a popular 3rd-party Domain Names System (DNS) security and infrastructure services provider that ensures the internet safe and secured through integrated DNS and anti-phishing defense. Acceza VPN uses Secure DNS to improve security, speed and reliability of DNS lookups to the customers. Using Acceza VPN with Secure DNS, your data and DNS requests pass through a virtual encrypted tunnel that defeats all the DNS attacks and prevents DNS filtering, you can experience an uncensored internet. When input a domain name, the conversion to an IP address now goes through the Secure DNS instead. Unlike other third party DNS servers who keep a perfect log of when and where you go online, Acceza VPN never keeps the record of hostnames, including hostnames found in URLs.

Automatic Kill Switch

Some users mistakenly forget to enable their VPN before connecting to the internet. And if they are connected with VPN, sometimes they don't even realize their VPN has disconnected due to connection dropout. In both cases, users unknowingly expose their personal data as well as become vulnerable victims of malwares and online attacks. Though the reliability of connection is prominent, we want to make sure you are protected even if connection ever drops out for a second. So we developed Automatic Kill Switch feature that automatically kills/blocks your internet connection whenever Acceza VPN drops out its connection to ensure you never connected to the internet without VPN protection. We are proud to offer the powerful feature for Windows and Mac.

Multiple Device Support

Acceza VPN offers sleek and cutting-edge VPN for mobile, Windows, Mac, iOS, TV and Router so you can secure your devices in seconds. Our best VPN service comes with fast, easy-to-use and stable features such as one-click connect and one-tap server selection that saves your time as well. Our VPN packages give you unrestricted access for up to 6 devices simultaneously. Set up Acceza VPN in your laptop and smart phone to start surfing the web at the same time. Or use our VPN in your tablet and game console together. You can even configure your home or office router to work with Acceza VPN, so every device connected to your router is connected to Acceza VPN as well, a remarkable way for businesses and families to protect all of their connected gear with our single VPN account.

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